Welcome to the Roche Sponsoring Request Platform for international and local requests to Basel Site Sponsoring. Please read the following notes carefully before submitting your request:


  • Please use this request platform for:
    • international requests: pertains to a project with activities in more than one country.

    • local requests within the Basel Region: pertains to a project within Basel / Kaiseraugst Area

  • The REDS (Research Education and Development in Switzerland) Fund supports scientific education in Switzerland within life sciences. Please note that medical & healthcare activities are not eligible for support through this channel. If your request meets the criteria, please apply here: [email protected]

  • Germany: For domestic requests within Germany please visit this website.

  • Other countries (incl. rest of Switzerland): Requests for support of a project that operates within one country should be directed to the local management. Please consult our Group directory for the nearest Roche affiliate.

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